We hired Quantum Lógos to help us with our search traffic and content. They produced well-researched writing that spoke to our specific target audiences. 3 out of 4 articles were ranked on the 1st page of Google Search.

Offir Gutelzon, CEO, Keepy Inc.

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Offir Gutelzon, CEO, Keepy Inc.

Quantum Lógos provides top-notch branding services that have significantly improved the cohesiveness of a large amount of information. Extremely proactive, knowledgeable, and responsive in communications, working with them is seamless. 

Andrew Hurko, MassMutual Northern California


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Andrew Hurko, MassMutual Northern California

I had a chance to work with Maxim on marketing projects at Elementum. I was impressed by his ability to very quickly learn about an industry and then use that information to write about technical concepts eloquently. In his writing projects, Maxim carefully suited his writing style to suit the target audience. His writing is clear and focused, and his research skills have enabled him to produce competitive research that both sales and marketing have used.

Paul Garden, Senior Marketing Manager, Elementum


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Paul Garden, Senior Marketing Manager, Elementum

Thank you so much for your editing.  You took our complicated case study, and turned it into a well-written, informative piece. You bring not only technical skills to writing but also the ability deliver feedback in a heartfelt manner.  We are so impressed and happy with your detailed, wonderful work!

Patty Freedman, Director of Marketing, Six Seconds


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Patty Freedman, Director of Marketing, Six Seconds: The Emotional Intelligence Network

As a Professor of Literature, I worked closely with Maxim and can say that he is highly responsible, smart, and personable. Any company working with Maxim will find that his high-level writing skills make any text accessible, exciting, and engaging. Doctoral students are trained in all styles of writing, in various modes of analytical thinking, and in conducting meticulous and factually-correct research, and coupled with Maxim’s marketing acumen, you can expect to find precise and articulate writing and industry research (macro and micro), as well as thorough content audits.

Kim Lau, University of California, Santa Cruz

Authored Book

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Kim Lau, Professor of Literature, UC Santa Cruz