Case Study: Keepy

Keepy is an app for organizing, saving, and sharing artwork and other keepsakes. It has a following of 1.3 million members. 

Client’s Challenge: Generate more traffic to Keepy’s website in order to get more app downloads. The higher the conversion rate, the more revenue generated. 

Our Solution: Produced targeted, well-written, and search-optimized marketing content to achieve more traffic and more downloads. Well-ranked content on Google Search will achieve higher conversion rates. 


  • 4 of 5 articles in Top 10 of Google Search (Page 1).
  • Increased search traffic
  • More app downloads from the App Store and Google Play

Here’s what we did in more depth:

Increased search traffic

We researched what would create better search results for Keepy to drive qualified traffic to their website. Then we produced content that would get more eyes on their app, gaining more users and more conversions from the free to paid version.

Better targeting of keywords

More focused keyword research leads to higher search rankings and distinguishes companies from potential competitors while creating a higher CTR.

Keep your company high in search rankings for specific keywords:

Target keyword: declutter artwork (201-500 searches a month: MOZ; 100-1k searches a month and high competition: Google Keyword Planner)


Target keyword: cool garage ideas (501-850 searches a month: MOZ; 1k-10k searches a month and high competition: Google Keyword Planner)


Reached new audiences, grew customer base, and increased revenue from paid subscriptions

Keepy has an active following among parents and the organization/decluttering movement, but they wanted to expand. We helped Keepy expand into the co-parenting community, targeting a million-plus audience. 

Did you know that co-parents are not exclusively confined to divorced couples? Today co-parents include couples choosing to cohabit while raising a child together, couples choosing to forgo marriage, and couples who identify as LGBT. 

Engaging, industry-specific writing

Article on garage organization? We wrote it. Article on co-parenting in the 21st century? We wrote it. Article on the roots of decluttering and the famed KonMari Method? We also wrote it. 

Quantum Lógos researched the competition and researched the industry and community. Then we got to work writing engaging content that speaks to these unique communities while differentiating Keepy’s unique value proposition.

Quotation from our Client:

“We hired Quantum Lógos to help us with our search traffic and content. They produced well-researched writing that spoke to our specific target audiences. 3 out of 4 articles were ranked on the 1st page of Google Search.” Offir Gutelzon, CEO Keepy Inc.

Print and Graphic Design #1

Collaborating with product managers, copywriters, demand marketers, recruiters, and more, Christina executed various print-ready documents of all shapes and sizes. With a global presence, some materials were also translated for a Chinese audience. Work by Christina Dao.

DIA SJ Campaign

Dias San Jose is a non-profit event held in San Jose in celebration of Dias de los Muertos. With the client brief, Christina aimed to capture their brand identity, all while being cost efficient. Work by Christina Dao.

Non-Profit #1: Consulting Report

We recently partnered with a non-profit to help them with their branding and messaging. As a non-profit, WOE offers a holistic approach to basketball coaching, and they wanted their messaging to align with those values. Take a look at our consulting report and its recommendations.

CIO Audience Profile

Before writing a white paper for a customer, it was important to understand the changing and evolving role of the CIO, a position that has changed dramatically in the past decades. A good profile seeks to understand the role, mentality, and strategy of the target audience.

Supply Chain White Paper

Elementum needed a well-researched white paper that would target CIOs. We first made a CIO profile before writing this white paper to understand the evolving nature of the CIO role. After the audience profile was complete, we wrote this white paper. Take a look.*