Value and Services

Content audit: audit your content for message cohesion and consistency.

Content generation: rigorous and well-researched writing, from white papers to social media.

Competitive analysis: seize on potential opportunities.

Editing: make your writing sing.

Content is often not targeted and refined. Your audience needs to relate to your content to ensure brand association and identification. Our writing and marketing expertise will streamline and target your content, allowing you to increase your marketing velocity and to propel your audiences to relate to your message. Our practical language expertise plus our marketing acumen will distinguish you over your competition.

As a company, Quantum Lógos seeks to produce meaningful and significant writing, research, and thinking to help companies thrive. The word “quantum,” as an adjective, means significant, or a required amount. “Lógos”––pronounced LOW-goess––is the Ancient Greek word for reason, writing, and discourse. Lógos also signifies the meaning or idea behind any utterance. Quantum Lógos operates on the idea that all language can be rendered relatable and accessible, ensuring that your products and/or services achieve maximum gains.

Content Audit

Is your content working for you? Is your tone, voice, and message clear and articulate? I help you analyze your content from days to years ago to uncover whether your content is consistent and on point. Whether it’s a full, partial, or curated content audit, an audit ensures that you’re focusing your resources on the right projects, eliminating duplicate items, and improving the quality of your existing content.

• Make sure your content meets your KPIs.
• Ensure your collateral contains proper SEO.

Content Generation

It can be daunting and time-consuming to write well-researched, articulate, and grammatically-correct content. We help you write engaging blogs and social media posts, succinct thought leadership, and thoroughly researched white papers that cite leading authorities. We tap into industry news, read all the defining industry analysts and reports, and understand the vital aspects of your business to write credible and authoritative content in your brand voice and tone.

• Content for web and print using refined SEO methods.
• Rigorous research and up-to-date statistics and figures.

Competitive Analysis

What kind of messaging is your competition using? Is there overlap between your message and theirs? What are the similarities and differences between your message and your competitor’s? We examine all these factors and provide recommendations and analysis for you to excel in your messaging.

• Helping you understand your competition, their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses.
• Understand what potential opportunities your competitors make available for you.


Every writer needs an editor. We’ll be yours. We have expertise in MLA, APA, AP, and Chicago styles, and we know where to place that comma or semicolon that you’re worried about. As editors, we also make sure your documents come alive by helping you develop your logic and structure. A good editor can nurture ideas and lead writers.

Fact checking and copyediting.
• Develop your logic, flow, ideas, and structure.