Maxim Dobrushin, PhD, Founder and President

a photo of Maxim Dobrushin

Maxim has a background in the hospitality, athletics, education, and technology industries. His expertise includes digital publications, content marketing strategies, and messaging strategy. He holds a PhD in Literature and Translation Theory from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California. 

Keltan Lawler, Digital Brand Director

a photo of Keltan Lawler

Keltan is the Digital Brand Director for Quantum Lógos, where he assists companies with creative vision through film installations. Using film, Keltan works with teams to bring out meaningful stories of the company and its products or services. He brings a variety of industry expertise, ranging from medical services and devices to athletics. Keltan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Michigan, where he also participated in Division 1 swimming, later representing the school in the U.S. Olympic Trials. Keltan’s specialties include market research, social media, market strategy, and digital content.

Christina Dao, Art Director

a photo of Christina Dao

As Art Director, Christina helps companies with artistic style and visual direction. Christina has extensive experience with branding, visual design, and photography, using the fundamentals of design to create stunning visual narratives. Prior to joining Quantum Lógos, Christina has worked with several rock bands, artists, and companies, including Unilever, Elementum,, Headless Queen Records, and Combo Queens.

Alex Dobrushin, Independent Executive Advisor

a photo of Alex Dobrushin

Alex brings over 30 years of marketing experience to Quantum Lógos. Most recently, Alex finished a five-year tenure as CMO at Wowza Media Systems, a company that beat both Adobe and Microsoft as the best streaming innovation and media server. Alex has also served as VP of Marketing at ADC (Kentrox), Atmosphere Networks (acquired by Ditech Communications), and Amber Networks (acquired by Nokia).

As a VP for ADC, Atmosphere, and Amber, Alex built each company’s marketing strategy, product management organizations, and led their go-to-market, collateral, and press/analyst activities. As a key member of Amber’s executive team, Alex helped raise $91M in Series C funding, and was a key member of the executive team that ushered in Nokia’s acquisition of Amber for $421 million.

Though Alex is now retired, in his role as Independent Executive Advisor, Alex provides input on how companies can improve their messaging, marketing, and strategy. His specialties include business development, product & market definition, positioning, branding, organization building, and executive management.